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Document Destruction Security Considerations

Having a comprehensive and integrated information security program in place has never been more vital. According to statistics from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), identity theft is the fastest growing non-violent crime. In contrast to popular belief, statistical studies suggest that almost 75% of information theft occurs through the traditional paper stream rather than by electronic means. Activities such as dumpster-diving remain the most common methods of personal identity theft and corporate espionage.

Legislation For Protecting Confidential Information

Identify theft not only affects the personal privacy of the America population, it affects all businesses, whether large or small, that retain personal information and trade secrets.Recently enacted privacy legislation has put the onus on organizations to ensure they are carrying out due diligence in protecting against unauthorized access to confidential information. The legislation is strict and hands out harsh civil and criminal penalties to companies that fail to destroy confidential information prior to disposal. To see more information on federal and state legislation please visit our legislation page here.

Vulnerability Of Security Breaches

It is literally impossible for businesses not to collect or possess confidential information. Meanwhile, competition is fierce, and corporate thieves are taking bolder steps to acquire proprietary information about their competition through corporate espionage. Corporations are vulnerable to data breaches now more than ever and need to take preventative action to ensure that all sensitive information in their possession is handled securely and professionally.

Protection Against Espionage And ID Theft

Identity theft and corporate espionage can cost thousands and thousands of dollars, and in some cases even put companies out of business. Combine this with environmental concerns, the need for productivity improvements and cost savings, on-site document destruction becomes the most sensible solution. CURACAO SHRED comprehensive document destruction service and secure shredding process is your best choice for preventing identity theft and corporate espionage.

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