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Your Leading Document Destruction Company

For more than two and a half decades, businesses and consumers have put their trust in Curacao Shred to maintain information security, legislative compliance and personal privacy. Curacao Shred is a service-driven document destruction company dedicated to on-site paper shredding: one of the most secure, convenient and cost-effectivemethods for destroying and recycling confidential documents and materials.

Protecting Your Identity Is Our Core Compentancy

As concerns about identity theft and corporate espionage grow, we help our clients meet legislative and corporate information privacy requirements by building first-rate document security processes into their operations. We support our customers in their efforts to improve privacy and productivity, while helping them contribute positively to the environment by recycling all shredded paper.

Locally Owned/Managed and Nationally Operated

Curacao Shred goes above and beyond in providing a consultative approach. We take pride in customizing effective destruction programs for our clients over the years, which is why Curacao Shred excels over our competitors in the shredding industry. Locally owned and nationally operated network, Curacao Shred combines the benefits o foutstanding customer service and dedication to the community with the power of a well-established and professionally managed corporate infrastructure.

Responsive and Quality Service For Any Industry

Securely shredding confidential documents by an outsourced shredding company requires trust and confidence that all documents will be destroyed safely. As a result, the Curacao Shred customers receive responsive, quality service adhering to one of the highest security standards in the industry. Find out more about our shredding services for business, home office and residential customers. Call us for a free quote. 

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